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Laser Vision Correction at Pocono Eye Associates - LASIK, PRK, and More

Laser vision correction is changing the lives of many people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by giving them the sharp, functional vision that many have never experienced.  This revolutionary treatment uses advanced laser technology to reshape the cornea, thus improving the eye’s ability to focus.  Patients who choose LASIK or a similar surgery usually enjoy quick results, speedy recovery, and minimal postoperative discomfort.  If you live in East Stroudsburg, Tobyhanna, Brodheadsville, or elsewhere in the Pocono region and are considering laser eye surgery, contact Pocono Eye Associates, Inc. for exceptional care.  

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

LASIK is an eye surgery that uses advanced laser technology to correct refractive errors caused by irregularities in the shape of the cornea. The cornea is the outer layer of the eye that focuses light onto the retina, where the image is formed.  When the surface of the cornea is irregularly shaped or the eye is too long or too short from front to back, it focuses light incorrectly, producing a blurred image.  Refractive surgeries adjust the shape of the cornea to correct the eye's ability to focus.  LASIK can also be used to provide people suffering from presbyopia with monovision, in which one eye focuses on nearby objects while the other focuses on distant ones.

LASIK Candidates 

Ideal LASIK candidates have blurred vision caused primarily by corneal distortion or irregular eye shape (as opposed to lens distortions) and relatively healthy corneal tissue. They should be older than 21 years of age, have had stable vision for at least one year prior to surgery, and have no history of serious eye infection or injury within the past year. LASIK candidates should not have auto immune/inflammatory diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, HIV, or Crohn’s disease, even if the disease is currently inactive.  If you would like more information on whether you are a candidate for LASIK surgery, contact Pocono Eye Associates to schedule a consultation.  

The LASIK Procedure

Preparation for LASIK surgery begins two weeks prior to surgery, during which time contact lenses should not be worn.  The day before and the day of surgery, patients should not wear any makeup or lotions that could contaminate the eye.  

To begin the LASIK procedure, the doctor first applies drops to anesthetize the eyes.  When the eyes are numb, he places an eyelid holder to keep the eye open.  Next, using a microkeratome or an IntraLase® laser, he makes a flap in the cornea before reshaping it with an excimer laser.  Finally, he smoothes the flap back into place.  Patients can return home shortly after the procedure, and most patients can return to work the next day. Most patients enjoy improved vision within one day of the procedure.

Custom LASIK with Wavefront technology

Custom LASIK, which uses wavefront technology to plan the surgery precisely before it is conducted, offers patients personalized LASIK treatment.  This planning allows surgeons to treat complex corneal problems with greater effectiveness, since it tailors the LASIK procedure in minute detail according to the variations in each individual’s eyes.  


CustomVue™ uses sophisticated ACTIVETRAK® technology to accommodate tiny movements of the eye during LASIK surgery. This helps provide an extremely smooth ablation, which improves visual results.  


PRK surgery is similar to LASIK surgery in that it treats astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness by reshaping the cornea with a laser.  It differs from LASIK in that, instead of creating a flap in the cornea, PRK removes the outer layer of the cornea.  Then, the underlying tissue is treated with a laser.

Corneal Transplants

When the cornea becomes damaged beyond repair because of various diseases or injury, corneal transplants may be needed.  In corneal transplant surgery, the cornea is removed and replaced with a cornea from an eye bank.  Our doctors welcome patients considering this option to contact our office.  We can schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your candidacy for corneal transplants and the risks and benefits of the surgery.  

Contact Us for Laser Eye Surgery

If you have astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, or another corneal problem, you may benefit from laser eye surgery.  Pocono Eye Associates is pleased to provide patients with outstanding laser surgery performed by our experienced team of board certified surgeons.  To schedule a consultation at which you can discuss your treatment options, contact Pocono Eye Associates today.