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I had a traumatic injury to my eye and called to be seen on an emergency basis on a Friday despite that I wasn't an established client. The receptionist was kind and thorough. The office was clean, and the doctor and technical staff were very professional. There was very little wait-time on both my initial and follow-up visits. Highly recommended.

Kristen Doerr

If I hadn't gone to them I'd still be wearing glasses. First ophthalmologist I saw didn't even tell me that there were toric implants that correct my astigmatism available for my cataract surgery. Thank goodness for Pocono Eye!

Valerie Williams

The service here was really great! The doctor was very cautious about dilating my eyes once he discovered I have narrow angles, which made me felt I was in good hands. Would highly recommend!

Kathleen Gotchel

I have never had an issue here. I've been going numerous years now. Even when they did not accept my insurance I would come here. I have pressure issues with my eyes and they have been amazing with keeping it in check. The turn around with the nurses is high now but what matters to me is the Dr. I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Negvesky.

Jennifer W

I have been going here for years. Both Dr. Young and Dr. Pyle are great. Very knowledgeable. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my eyes!

Sno Buni

I came in to have my eye glases adjusted and a lense put back in place. They had everything done in 15 minutes, we're quick to serve, and very polite. They didn't even charge for anything! Very happy customer!

Joseph Ross

Your Go-To Source for High-Quality Eye Care