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Retina Surgeons Providing Advanced Treatment

Sudden changes in vision may be indicative of a medical emergency, and failing to seek treatment can leave patients with partial or complete vision loss. A torn or detached retina is a condition that requires immediate care by a retina surgeon. At Pocono Eye Associates, Inc., we can diagnose and evaluate your retina condition to determine the appropriate treatment.

Retina Surgery

Retina surgery is a common treatment to correct problems of the retina, or the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye. There are a few different types of procedures, depending on the problem. Holes and tears can sometimes be repaired with laser surgery before the retina detaches from the surrounding eye tissue. In cases where the retina detaches from the eye tissue, more advanced retinal detachment surgeries may be required. Retinal detachments do not heal on their own and can lead to total vision loss if left untreated. Surgery does not guarantee full restoration of vision, but immediate treatment offers the best chance at successfully reattaching the retina and preserving vision.

How to Determine if You Need Retina Surgery

Retinal detachment is painless, but there are other symptoms that indicate it may be happening. These include flashes of light in one or both eyes and the sudden appearance of floaters, or tiny specks within your field of vision. Blurred vision, reduced peripheral vision, and a grey veil cast over your field of vision can also be signs of retinal damage.

Any sudden change in vision requires an urgent trip to the ophthalmologist. To diagnose the issue, your provider will perform a detailed retinal examination, looking for holes, tears, and detachments. Ultrasound imaging may be used if bleeding in the eye prevents your ophthalmologist from getting a clear view of the retina. If these exams indicate a torn or detached retina, surgery is necessary for the best chance of preventing irreversible vision loss.

Preparing for Retina Surgery

Depending on the severity of your retina problem, the repair surgery will probably be performed right away. Your retina surgeon will review your symptoms, medical history, and current medications to provide you with any specific instructions, such as stopping certain medications that might interfere with the procedure. You’ll also have time to discuss risks, long-term prognosis, and other concerns with your medical team.

When it comes to the treatment of retina problems, there’s no time to spare. The Mid Atlantic/Wills Eye retina surgeons at Pocono Eye Associates, Inc. provide prompt diagnosis and treatment of retina problems and other eye conditions to help you maintain your sense of sight. Call Pocono Eye Associates, Inc. today at (570) 421-8842 to determine if retina surgery is necessary for your situation.