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Patient-Focused Multifocal Lens Implant Services

Traditional intraocular lens implants are designed to help restore the patient's vision after the cataract/cloudy lens is removed with surgery. Multifocal lens implants take this vision improvement a step further, correcting all vision variances to allow for clear vision at any distance, whereas intraocular lens technology was previously limited to improving distance vision solely. At Pocono Eye Associates, Inc., we offer a full range of intraocular lens implant services, and our team of skilled ophthalmologists and optometrists can help you determine if multifocal lens implants are the right vision correction solution for you.

What are multifocal lens implants?

Before multifocal lens implants, patients who underwent cataract or vision correction surgery received corrective lenses that only enhanced their distance vision, which meant that they still often needed reading glasses or other aids to see clearly up close. Multifocal lens implants, which operate similarly to bi- or multifocal glasses or contacts, give patients a much greater range of vision. By properly distributing light at all focal points, multifocal lens implants give patients clearer vision at distance, mid-range (computer/counter), and reading levels. They also greatly reduce presbyopia, which is a decreased ability to focus due to lowered elasticity in the eye's lens.

What are the benefits of multifocal lens implants?

There are numerous benefits to receiving multifocal lens implants, especially for patients who want to decrease their dependence on glasses and contact lenses or forgo them entirely. Because they can significantly improve both long-distance and close-up vision, multifocal lens implants can eliminate a patient's need for post-surgery corrective glasses altogether. For example, these implants allow patients to see faraway objects on the road while driving as well as the dashboard instrument panel and small print on a page or screen. Multifocal lens implants are also safe, comfortable, and long-lasting, and they can be used in one or both eyes depending on a patient's needs. Generally, they are most effective when used in pairs. They can also be used together with single-lens intraocular implants. Think of multifocal lens implants as a vision-correcting solution without all the necessary replacements, upkeep, and hassle that multiple-focus contact lenses or progressive/trifocal glasses require.

If you think that multifocal lens implants may be the right vision-correction method for you, get in touch with the team at Pocono Eye Associates, Inc. We have been in practice for over 40 years, and our skilled ophthalmologists and optometrists take a patient-focused approach to offer our patients a professional and comfortable eye care experience. To set up an appointment in our office, give us a call today at (570) 421-8842.